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Send your Future and Career into a new Orbit - A Space Talks with Z Podcast featuring Laura Forczyk

“Space Talks with Z” Podcast interviews Author and Space Consultant Dr. Laura Forczyk as She Promotes a More Inclusive Space Industry

DALLAS, Texas and COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Jan. 21, 2021 — America’s Future Series and Astralytical, a space industry consulting firm, are proud to announce the 5th episode of the “Space Talks with Z” podcast to air on January 21, featuring Dr. Laura Forczyk.

Zaheer Ali, host of “Space Talks with Z,” interviews Dr. Forczyk, owner of Astralytical and author of “Rise of the Space Age Millennials.” In this podcast, Dr. Forczyk promotes a more inclusive career path into space exploration, where those who do not “fit the traditional mold” help create an international future in orbit and beyond.

When discussing opportunities that today’s children may have in space, Dr. Forczyk notes “it may be a job that hasn’t been imagined yet that they may get a chance to be or get a chance to create in the future.”

She emphasizes growth of the private sector and the expanding reality that people from any walk of life can find themselves working in the space industry.

● Speaking from her own experience, Dr. Forczyk discloses that “when I was a student, I was told that there was one path to get to space. I was told I needed to switch majors from astrophysics to aerospace engineering.”

● With the growing presence of millennials in the space industry, she points out in her research, ““If you’re talking to millennials and younger what their thought process is for the future of space, it is not nationalistic. It is international, a lot of partnerships, a lot of international collaboration.”

In this encouraging interview, Dr. Forczyk seeks to tell listeners the space industry is moving away from the stereotype and is becoming more open. She believes listeners with a passion for space should pursue it regardless of what others say.

Forczyk summarizes, “We need to make sure that we are promoting people who may become the next Neil Armstrong to land on Mars.”

Watch the debut Jan 21., Dec. 8, by signing up here, and a recording will be also available after that date.

America’s Future Series would like to thank sponsors Raytheon Technologies and Bell Flight for making this valuable podcast possible.

About America's Future Series

America’s Future Series (“AFS”), based in Dallas, Texas, is a national speaker’s series that has brought together national leaders to collaborate and focus on the critical issues facing America since 2010. It aims to foster civil and creative dialogue around important issues impacting U.S. global competitiveness and is open to participants worldwide via interactive live and virtual events. Over 250 high-level speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Ross Perot, T. Boone Pickens, Secretary Hondo Geurts, and General Mike Murray have all participated in and spoken at AFS events. AFS also works to raise money and awareness for worthy causes — since 2010, AFS has raised more than $6 million in donations and event proceeds. For further information on America’s Future Series, visit

About “Space Talks with Z”

“Space Talks with Z,” hosted by Zaheer Ali, provides a platform for experts in the space industry to share their ideas and views to solve critical issues in our nation, and present strategies to advance our nation in the final and infinite frontier, and beyond. Zaheer Ali is an aerospace and national security leader and executive with over 20 years’ experience working with NASA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense. His background is as a physicist and program manager of applied research and development.

About Laura Forczyk

Dr. Laura Forczyk is the owner of Astralytical, a consulting firm that focuses on the space industry and career building services. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics – Planetary Science from the University of Central Florida, as well as a master’s in physics from University of Alabama in Huntsville. Prior to founding Astralytical, she was a Scientific Research Analyst at the International Space Station U.S National Laboratory. Dr. Forczyk is also the author of “Rise of the Space Age Millennials,” where she interviews millennials who are in or are planning to enter the space industry.


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