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Looking for a podcast that brings people together, regardless of political leanings, to have open and empathetic discussions on the most pressing issues facing our country?


Welcome to Future Talks! Our non-partisan forum is dedicated to fostering a safe space for all perspectives to be heard, as we discuss critical issues impacting U.S. global competitiveness and the future of our country.

Presented by ZeroNorthData

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Dual Use Technology summit on March 10TH

Welcome to Future Talks! Featuring Cody Willard and David Hamilton

We bring in prominent leaders who are willing to approach challenging topics with nuance and respect so that we can find common ground and create solutions that benefit us all. With a commitment to helping America become a stronger, more noble, and more generous country, Future Talks is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to be a part of an empathetic and inclusive conversation about our future. Tune in now to join the dialogue!

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