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We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our team, esteemed speakers, partners, sponsors and guests

for three highly successful

America's Future Series Events in October 2020!

Please use this link to watch videos of all our programs:

Defense Innovation Summit















October 27, 2020

in Partnership with

Raytheon_Technologies_America's future s
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Virtual event hosted by America's Future Series, available on desktop, mobile and in Virtual Reality

Convening thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and influencers with leaders from across the military, DoD, industry and academia to modernize and better equip our armed forces.

Join General John "Mike" Murray of the AFC, Secretary James "Hondo" Geurts, Secretary Patrick Murphy, Congressman Pete Sessions, Secretary Gordon England, LTG Neil Thurgood, LTG Laura Richardson and other prominent business, government, academic and military leaders in meaningful discussions on the future of advance technologies, the needs of our military and investment opportunities.

8:00am to 8:30am EDT - Registration


8:30 to 8:55am EDTFireside Chat

                      ·  Mitch Johnson, Federal Services Practice Lead at                                  Curtis Process Consulting

             ·  Rich Jarvis, CEO Blueprints Lab

9:00 to 9:30am EDTKeynote Introduction:

            ·  Jason Colosky, Business Development & Strategy                                 Executive at Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Opening Keynote: 

General Mike Murray 

Army Futures Command

Commanding General


9:30 to

9:45am EDT –  Fireside Chat

            ·  Keith Flail, EVP, Advanced Vertical Life Systems Bell Flight

            ·  Mitch Johnson, Federal Services Practice Lead at                                   Curtis Process Consulting

Morning Theme: Advanced Technologies and National Security

Morning Sessions Honorary Host: 

Secretary Patrick Murphy

9:45 to

10:55am EDT - Panel Session #1:  Leading Technologies                                                and Applications / Development Success Factors


            ·  Mr. Nand Mulchandani, Chief Technology Officer, Joint AI                   Center

            ·  CAPT Frank Futcher, Director NavalX

            ·  COL Len Rosanoff, Director Army Applications Lab

            ·  Mr. Nathan Diller, Director AFWERX

            ·  Michael Brown, Director Defense Innovation Unit

11:00 to

12:10pm EDTPanel Session #2: Requirements and Capabilities                                   / Needs and Use Cases

​            ·  LTG Neil Thurgood, Director Hypersonics, Directed                               Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition

            ·  Lt Gen Tom Sharpy, Deputy Chief of Staff for Capability                             Development

            ·  BG Ross Coffman, Director Army Futures Command NGCV                 CFT

12:30 to

1:00pm EDT -  Enabling Innovation in the Government: People /                                 Process / Technology – NCI, Inc.


            ·  Brad Mascho, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, NCI, Inc. 

            ·  Jennifer Hoover, NCI Director of Digital Transformation

            ·  Carlton “Bubba” Fox, NCI Chief Product Officer, SVP                           Technology Products

1:00 to

1:45pm EDT -  Keynote Introduction:


            ·  Jim Jaska, Valiant Integrated Services to Introduce:                                               


Secretary James “Hondo” Geurts 

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and

Acquisition at US Navy



1:45 to

2:15pm EDT –  Fireside Chat

  • Kristen Hajduk, Director of Operations for NSIN-National Security Innovation Network

  • Alex Goldberg, DARPA Fellow, TMDx

2:15 to

2:30 pm EDT -  Fireside chat

            ·  Secretary Gordon England

            ·  Carl Coffman, Vice President, Future Vertical Lift Strategy                     at Bell Flight

Afternoon Theme: Partnerships for Defense Innovation


Afternoon Sessions Honorary Host: 

Secretary Gordon England

2:30 to

3:40 pm EDT -  Panel Session #1:  Small and Mid-Sized Business                                  Strategies for Defense Innovation

  • Moderated by Dr. Victor Fishman, Texas Research Alliance


                                      ·  Michael Howe and Geoff Howe Founders and Senior Vice                   Presidents Howe & Howe Technologies Inc.

            ·  Dr. Lisa Kearney, Engineering Fellow Raytheon

            ·  Dr. Larry Schuette, Director of Global Science and                                 Technology Engagement Lockheed Martin 

            ·  Steve Fendley, President, Kratos Autonomous Systems

3:45 to

4:30 pm EDT -  Panel Session #2:  Prime Contractors 

  • Moderated by Dr. Victor Fishman, Texas Research Alliance

            ·  Lisa Atherton, President and CEO Textron Systems                               Technologies

            ·  Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO Elbit Systems of                         America

            ·  Jim Jaska, CEO Valiant Integrated Services


4:30 to

5:00 pm EDT -   Panel Session #3:  The Business of Partnerships for                              Defense Innovation

  • Moderated by Dr. Victor Fishman, Texas Research Alliance

            ·  Steve Mathias, Vice President, Global Military Sales and                       Strategy Bell Flight

            ·  Barbara Borgonovi, Vice President of Intelligence,                                 Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Raytheon                             Intelligence & Space- Raytheon Technologies


5:00 to

5:05 pm EDT -  Closing Remarks:

             ·  Secretary Gordon England 

5:05 to

6:00 pm EDT -             VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR  

                               AUSA Audie Murphy Chapter with

                               the Army Scholarship Foundation 

Hosts and Moderators



Morning Session #1 - Featured Speakers and Panelists

Morning Session #2 - Featured Speakers and Panelists

Fireside Chat - NCI, Inc.

Fireside Chat - Morgan Plummer, NSIN

Afternoon Session #1 - Featured Speakers and Panelists

Afternoon Session #2 - Featured Speakers and Panelists

Afternoon Session #3 - Featured Speakers and Panelists

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Speakers subject to change.


Questions:    David Hamilton (972) 814-3283, or 

Registering provides access to both the Pitch Day and the Defense Innovation Summit

Registering provides access to both the Pitch Day and the Defense Innovation Summit

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