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Space Talks with Zaheer ali

Space Talks with Z provides a platform for experts in the Space industry to share their ideas and views to solve critical issues and present strategies to advance our nation's exploration, commercialization and defense of Space.

Virtual Events

New Episode on YouTube 

Space Talks with Z  hosts an amazing discussion on Space Law. This episode features Bailey Reichelt and Jack Shelton, both co-founders of Aegis Trade Law, a boutique law firm that focuses on the space industry, international trade, and government contracting.

In this episode, they go into detail about the different regulatory regimes that deal with licensing exports in space, international trade, and much more.

Make learn more about Aegis Trade Law 


Robert Feierbach.jfif

Robert Feierbach

Robert Feierbach, Co-Founder and CEO of O-G Launch

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Congressman Ruben Gallego.jpg

Ruben Gallego

Space, Security, and Economics with

Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona

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Dr. Timiebi Aganaba-jeanty

A Framework for Space Law and Rights with

Dr. Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty

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Michael Sheetz.jpg

Michael sheetz

Michael Sheetz, Space Reporter and Correspondent for CNBC

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Steven Schmidt.jpg

Steven Schimdt

Leading Aerospace Programs for the Future with 

Steve Schmidt

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Shelli_Brunswick Space Foundation with America's Future Series.jpg

Shelli Brunswick

The Future of Space Innovation and Education with

Shelli Brunswick, COO of The Space Foundation

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manuj aggerwal.jpg

manuj aggarwal

Manuj Aggarwal, Founder & CIO of TetraNoodle Technology

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Dr. Laura Seward Forczyk.jfif

Dr. Laura Seward Forczyk

Finding Your Path in the Space Economy with

Dr. Laura Seward Forczyk

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Miranda Satterhwhaite.jpg

Miranda Sattherwaite

Space and Earth Synergies: How Extremes on

Earth Help Space Exploration with

Miranda Sattherwaite

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If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us.

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