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Be the Kickstart to Collaboration and Innovation.

I think we all know what Innovation Theater is, right? Talking about the need to innovate faster. To fail faster. To try new things. Yep. And we all agree with that. But, after these discussions...what next? If we aren't discussing specific action that reduce decision and implementation cycle time, we are just blowing smoke. We all agree that our and our allies' war fighters deserve to have the best capabilities available. No Fair Fights. Now what? 60 months to determine requirements is too long. Damaging a military leader's career by not being in command of combatant forces is wrong. What are we actually do, implementing, to change culture? What are the levers? Well, they are pay and promotion and recognition. They are budgets. Follow the money. Be careful what you pay for and measure cuz that's what you'll get. What are we doing to spur collaboration. How are we coordinating, sharing, co-investing with the private sector, academia, start-ups? I think we all get the WHY. We need to work harder on the HOW. We need to fix the problem of finding some great tech and not being able to fast track it through the system faster. Now. Not later. Now. If you have an example, a use case, a solution, a prescription for actually blanking fixing these issues...Please join us.

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