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Space Talks with Z

Space Talks with Z is an America's Future Series Video Podcast about all things space (exploration, commerce, defense, innovation, satellites, and competition). Physicist, entrepreneur, nanotechnology, AI, and materials researcher Zahir Ali hosts panels and has conversations with the researchers, professionals, futurists, academics, and entrepreneurs that make up our spacefaring community.    


Dual Use or Dual Risk? With Peter Garretson

Welcome to another America's Future Series' Space Talks with Z. I am privileged to be joined by Peter Garretson, a Senior Fellow in Defense Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council and a strategy consultant who focuses on space and defense. Along with AFS C.L.A.S.S. speaker Dr. Namrata Goswami, he is the co-author of the book Scramble for the Skies The Great Power Competition to Control the Resources of Outer Space.

Today, he and I will discuss the opportunities and hazards of public vs private space exploration and the opportunities and dangers of dual-use technologies as the great powers Scramble for the Skies

Jayden Sage at the Kennedy Space Center

America's Future Series' Space Talks with Z is back! Today we are at Kennedy Space Center with Jayden Sage. An investor, entrepreneur, adviser, and author. - Jayden Sage is a go-to expert in space exploration-related industries and cryptocurrency. He is the Founder & CEO of Celestial Ventures and the Global Crypto Council (GCC).


Today, he and I will stand among these technological marvels of the past and talk about what they mean for our future as a space-faring species.

Space Talks with Z presents Charlie Ryan, James Lambert, and Richard Dinan

Space Talks with Z presents Craig Miller of Viasat

Welcome to Space Talks with Z. Today I talk to Craig Miller, the President of Government Systems for Viasat. A 30-year veteran of Viasat, Craig Miller has balanced the need for both commercial and warfighter needs.


It's a really exciting time for Viasat as it is building the ultimate communications network and using those lessons in the Defense world.

Export Controls | Space Laws (2022

Here is a great discussion about export controls in Space law with Bailey Reichelt and Jack Shelton, both co-founders of Aegis Trade Law, a boutique law firm that focuses on the space industry, international trade, and government contracting.


Find Aegis Trade Law here:

Zaheer Ali talks to Astronautics professor Charlie Ryan and James Lambert and Richard Dinan of Pulsar about the concept and promise of Fusion technology and how it will apply to propulsion in space.

Space Talks with Z - Dan Mosqueda

Join Zaheer Ali with this great discussion on Space with Dan Mosqueda, the Director Of Business Development at Riverside Research. (Air Force and Space Force)

Space Talks with Z - Ken Peterman & Jason Kim

Here is great discussion with Ken Peterman former president of Viasat and Jason Kim CEO of Millennium Space Systesm, a Boeing Company. Hosted by Zaheer Ali!

Space Talk with Z & Oladunni Paul

Join Zaheer Ali in this great discussion on Space in Africa with Oladunni Paul.

Space Talks with Z 0 G Launch Follow Up with Robert Feierbach

Here is the follow-up discussion with Robert Feierbach about the Zero-G Launch. Hosted by Zaheer Ali!

"Test Gods" Dan Javorsek, Nick Schmidle, Tucker Hamilton, Zaheer Ali & Ben McNally

The views expressed on this program belong to the individuals, not any organization or institution.


In this fantastic Space Talks with Z, Col. Dan Javorsek, Commander, AFOTEC Det 6 at United States Air Force, Nick Schmidle, Staff writer at the New Yorker and author of the book “Test Gods,” Lt. Col. Tucker Hamilton, Director USAF/MIT AI Accelerator at United States Air Force, Zaheer Ali, URSA, ASU, and Ben McNally, Graduated Senior UT Austin discuss the importance of Test Gods.

Space Talks with Z - Robert Feierbach President of Clarkebelt

Zaheer Ali has yet another very exciting discussion about space with Robert Feirerbach!

Americas Future Series presents Space Talks with Z featuring CNBC Space Correspondent Michael Sheetz

Zaheer Ali has an exciting discussion with space reporter Michael Sheetz, who is CNBC's go- to reporter for all things space.

Americas Future Series Presents - Space Talks with Z feat. Manuj Aggarwal

Zaheer Ali has yet another very exciting discussion about space with Manuj Aggarwal.

America's Future Series Space Talks with Zaheer Ali & Laura Forczyk

Space, Security, and Economics with Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona

America's Future Series Space Talks with Zaheer Feat. Steve Schmidt

AFS Space Talks with Z : Interview December 15 2020 Timiebi Aganaba Jeanty, DCL

America's Future Series: Space Talks Dec, 08 2020 Interview with Shelli Brunswick

This is the first in a series of exciting talks about the exploration of space and America's role in it as explorers, researchers, and innovators. The first Space Talks with Zaheer features Shelli Brunswick, the COO of the Space Foundation and Center for Education.

America's Future Series Space Talks with Zaheer Feat. Miranda Satterthwaite

America's Future Series Space Talks with Zaheer Feat. Miranda Satterthwaite is the Antarctic Academy Director at International Antarctic Centre.

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