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The Vault is Open!

Tech Scouts, Investors, Research Institutions, the DoD and Military can review pitches until March, 31s!

It is not to late to submit your pitch to be seen and contacted by leaders with capital and contracts.


​Our Joint Military Pitch Day has broadened to

National Security.

Companies seeking investment capital                     business opportunities will present their

capabilities to Angels, VC, Family Offices, Private Equity, the Military, DoD and Prime Defense Contractors.

Showcasing Hope for the Warriors-
A national nonprofit organization in the United States that provides assistance to combat wounded service members, their families, and families of those killed in action.
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Happy Hour!

Please join us! Immediately after the National Security Pitch Day (Approx. 5:45pm ET) there will be a Happy Hour of Networking and Celebration sponsored by!

The link will be in the chat. 

**Please find instructions to pitch or evaluate pitches near the bottom of this page**

Investors greatly prefer the ability to evaluate pitches ASYNCHRONOUSLY

This is why we allow access to all the pitches in our vault at their convenience

Pitches are categorized by Ask, Technology and Technology Readiness Level

It is not too late to be seen and contacted by leaders with capital and contracts.

Morgan Plummer

- Agenda -

All times are ET

Registration, Welcome, Networking and Acknowledgements

8:00am to 8:30am ET
Morgan Plummer NSIN.jpeg
Boe Young - Copy (3).jpg
MG Boe Young
Peacemaker Partners, LLC
Gregory Leman BluePrints Lab.jpg
Greg Leman
Scott Murray.JPG
david hamilton America_s future series 2
Scott Murray
Murray Media
David Hamilton
The America's Future Series
Michelle Pearson Windsor Morgan America'
Michelle Pearson
The America's Future Series

Fireside Chat

8:30am to 9:00am ET
The Honorable Patrick Murphy
Nathan Diller.jpg
Col Nathan Diller

Roundblocks of University Research - University Can Be the Solution

9am to 9:10am ET
Gregory Leman BluePrints Lab.jpg
Greg Leman
Boe Young - Copy (3).jpg
MG Boe Young
Peacemaker Partners, LLC

Case Study of Success:

University & Industry Collaboration

9:10am to 10:10am ET
todd Buchs.jpg
David Coody.jpg
Rich Jarvis.jpg
Todd Buchs
Baylor University
David Coody
Rich Jarvis
Blueprint Labs
Allen Page
Waco Ventures

Why New Entrants are Crucial to the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB)

10:15am to 10:45am ET
Morgan Plummer NSIN.jpeg
Boe Young - Copy (3).jpg
Morgan Plummer
MG Boe Young
Peacemaker Partners, LLC
Farooq Mitha
DOD Industrial Policy Office

The Rationale For and Future of National Security Focused Venture Capital

Alex Harstrick.jpeg
Alex Harstrick
J2 Ventures
Heather Richman BMNT.jpg
Heather Richman
Eileen Tanghal.jpeg
Eileen Tanghal
Trae Stephens.jpeg
Trae Stephens
Founders Fund
10:55am to 12:10pm ET

The Innovation Ecosystem at Catalyst Campus

12:15pm to 1:00pm ET
patrick Barrett, Catayst Accelerator.jpg
Patrick Barrett
Catalyst Campus
The Honorable Sue Payton
Col Ros Morrell.jpeg
Tracey Manor.jpeg
Col Ross Morrell
NORAD & US Northern Command
Tracey Manor
Catalyst Campus
Dr. Emily Bohner.jpeg
Dr. Emily Bohner
Air Force Research Laboratory
KiMar Gartman.jpeg
KiMar Gartman
Catalyst Campus

National Security Technology Funding

1:10pm to 2:30pm ET
Colin Supko.jpeg
Colin Supko
Trusted Capital
Marcy Sanders.jpeg
Marcy Sanders
Rear Admiral Paul Becker.jpg
kevin landtroop.jfif
Kevin Landtroop
Spark Cognition
Sam Riehn.jpg
Sam Riehn
SBIR Advisors
RADM Paul Becker
The Becker T3 Group
Sean Drake.jpeg
Sean Drake
Stony Lonesome
peter dixon.jfif
Peter Dixon
2nd Front

Innovation's Role in National Security

2:30pm to 2:55pm ET
Boe Young - Copy (3).jpg
MG Boe Young
Peacemaker Partners, LLC
Kirstjen Nielson.jpeg
The Honorable Kirstjen Nielsen

Deploying New Tech Globally: Security, Investment, and Legal Considerations

3:00pm to 4:00pm ET
David Tressler.jpeg
Adam Leslie
David Tressler
Tanveer Kathawalla
Lauren Bedula Beacon Global Strategies.j
Boe Young - Copy (3).jpg
MG Boe Young
Peacemaker Partners, LLC
Lauren Bedula
Beacon Global Strategies
4:15pm to 5:25pm ET

Faster Innovation throughout the DoD

CAPT Benjamin Van Buskirk.jpeg
Gloria Choo
LtGen Mike Dana.jpeg
LtGen Mike Dana
Dr. Casey Perley AAL.jpg
Dr. Casey Perley
Army Applications Lab
Colonlel harold Van Opdorp.jpeg
Col Harold Van Opdorp (ret)
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
Alex Goldberg.jpg
Col Alex Goldberg

Closing Remarks

 Happy Hour :  5:45 to

Meritorious Logo Object GOLD.png

Please join us! Immediately after the National Security Pitch Day there will be a Happy Hour of Networking and Celebration sponsored by!

The link will be in the chat. 

All event videos will be available within 10 business days at:


  • Established small businesses with emerging technology for national security, looking to raise capital

  • New startups with working prototype, looking to raise money, or get an initial defense contract

  • Established firms looking for joint venture, licensing and merger & acquisition opportunities


Pitch Evaluators?

  • Angel and Seed investors

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors

  • Family Offices

  • Government contract friendly lenders

  • Government agency innovation scouts

  • M&A reps from defense contracting companies

  • Premium event ticket attendees

Cost to participate?

  • Solution providers pay $150 to be considered (Companies not accepted will be refunded)

  • Investors/Partners/Scouts pay $150 to have access to view pitches private discussion rooms with pitching companies

  • VIP All Access Registrants for the 4 event C.L.A.S.S Symposium pay $50. They do not have access to see pitches or the ability to pitch.

How does it work?

  • Registration deadline April 19th, 2021.

  • You will receive an email with detailed instructions for submitting your pre-recorded pitch. This is a video less than 7 minutes in length

  • All pitch videos must be hosted on YouTube as unlisted videos.

  • Pitches must follow the format of

    • Company team Intro

    • Problem being solved

    • Solution being offered

    • Ask 

  • The “ask”  can be for

    • a capital raise

    • pitch to prospective clients

    • offer to team with other companies

    • invitation to new end users

    • advertise your availability for company acquisition

All pitches that are accepted will be categorized according to the "ask" and other key criteria. 

Here is the link:

Pitch Evaluators may review pitches before the pitch day. All pitches which include a brief video are housed in a "vault". Pitch companies may be contacted before, during and after the event.

**Please note: Registration for the National Security Pitch Day registers you for all 4 events for the CLASS (Cyber, Land, Air, Sea and Space) Symposium events in April 2021.


National Security


& Showcase

CAPT Benjamin Van Buskirk
Naval X

Alex Harstrick, J2 Ventures - confirmed

Eileen Tanghal, IQT - confirmed

Trae Stephens, Founders Fund (Palantir, Anduril, etc)

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