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Lieutenant Colonel
James "Maggie" Megellas Award

The AFS Megellas Award is presented to leaders for extraordinary service to our nation both in uniform and as civilian servant leaders.

Past Recipients

For 10 years, this award has been presented to outstanding Americans to recognize them for their contributions as well as the heroic life of Maggie Megellas. Maggie's leadership, sacrifice and service both wearing the cloth of our nation and never ending service after returning home from countless battles must be remembered. 

Meredith Walker, with the help of others like Congressman Pete Sessions and David Hamilton whose deep love and respect for Maggie knows no bounds, has led an effort for Maggie to receive the Medal of Honor.
This award, created by David Hamilton, serves to remind the world of the many other heroic deeds done by Maggie that might not otherwise be remembered. 

AFS Leadership

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