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Helping America become a Stronger, More Noble and More Generous Country

America’s Future Series is a non-partisan organization that hosts events featuring prominent business, military, government, educational and other thought leaders with the intent of raising awareness and encouraging dialogue on issues affecting U.S. Global Competitiveness:


- Energy

- Education

- The Economy

- The Environment

- Healthcare

- National Security

- Cyber Security and Technology


All AFS events honor our military, support worthy causes and focus on issues critical to improving our nation’s future.


Our Military Employment Roundtables and Hiring Events help put veterans to work and improve corporate America's ability to find, assess, attract, hire, onboard, mentor and retain those who have served.


To date, we have raised over $6,000,000 for causes worldwide.


The AFS  is not a 501c3 organization.

Convening thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and influencers with leaders from across the military, DoD, industry and academia to modernize and better equip our armed forces.

Our Mission

To help make America become a Stronger, more Noble and more Generous country.


We seek to keep the United States of America globally competitive by fostering collaboration and communication between the business sector, government, our military and academia.

Join Our Cause

We seek leaders of all kinds to help craft, organize, promote, and grow our series.


Come help us bring together the best and the brightest to raise money and awareness for worthy causes and create a brighter future for ourselves and our children. 

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