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National Security Summit

Jan 17 & 18, 2024
9:00AM - 4:00PM ET


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Venue Host

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1100 New York Ave NW #3934, Washington, DC 20005

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A discussion on leading innovations, disruptive technologies, and creative collaboration models for strengthening our defense industrial base and supply chain resilience across all domains

This program covers matters from both global and national perspectives … going beyond Defense and the Industrial Supply Base.


Discussion topics may include Federal, State, and Local policy and governance (e.g. Re-shoring), medical and healthcare concerns (e.g. Coronavirus), as well social and economic factors for supply chain resilience and ensuring our ability to protect our nation and the world.


Early Bird Pricing

Featured Speakers and Guests

GEN Keith Alexander, USA, Ret.



Ken Peterman-Comtech_edited.png
Ken Peterman


Chairman, President & CEO

Maj Gen John Olson_edited.png
Maj. Gen.
John Olson


Chief of Space Operations Mobilization Assistant

Confirmation Pending

Tim Ray_edited.png
General Tim Ray, USAF (Ret.)


President & Chief Executive Officer

LT Harry Raduege_edited.png
Lt. Gen. Harry Raduege, USSF (Ret.)


President and CEO

Scott McIntyre_edited.png
Scott McIntyre


Chief Executive Officer

Vance Serchuk _edited.png
Vance Serchuk


Executive Director

Ellen Lord_edited.png
Hon. Ellen M. Lord


Board of Directors/Former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (DoD)

Bruce Crawford_edited.png
LTG Bruce Crawford, USA, Ret.


Board Member

ISW Kimberly Kagan_edited_edited.png
Kim Kagan

Institute for the Study of War 


Preston Dunlap_edited.png
Preston Dunlap

Arkenstone Ventures

Founder/First (former) CTO and Chief Architect Officer, U.S. Space Force and Air Force

Nathan Diller_edited.png
Col Nathan Diller, USAF, Ret.

U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional Committee Staffer (HAC-D PSM)

Maj Gen Kim Crider, USAF, Ret.

Elara Nova

Founding Partner

Benjamin Reed_edited.png
Benjamin Reed

Quantum Space LLC

Co-Founder and CTO

Jason Rathje_edited.png
Jason Rathje

Office of Strategic Capital


Confirmation Pending

andre pienaar_edited.png
André Pienaar

C5 Capital


JR DeShazo_edited.png
Dr. JR DeShazo

LBJ School of

Public Affairs


Mark J_edited.png
Mark Gerencser



Josh Carlson_edited_edited_edited_edited
Joshua Carlson

Dauntless Space

Managing Editor

Laura Winter_edited.png
Laura Winter

The DownLink, a Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast

Editor & Host

Chad Raduege_edited.png
Brig Gen Chad Raduege, USAF, Ret.
Jim Geurts_edited.png
Jim "hondo" Geurts

Advisory Board Chairman

Advisory Board Chairman/ Former Under Secretary of the Navy

Jana Monroe _edited.png
Jana Monroe

Former FBI Agent and Profiler

Inspiration for Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs

Lauren Bendula_edited.png
Lauren Bedula


Member Board of Directors

Ben McNally_edited.png
Ben McNally

Gallium Solutions

Client Lead

Bong Gumahad.jpg
Bong Gumahad


Former Senior Executive Service (SES)

Nicole Robinson.png
Nicole Robinson


Chief Growth Officer

Daniel Gizinski_edited.png
Daniel Gizinski


Chief Strategy Officer

Congressman Ken Calvert.png
Congressman Ken Calvert

U.S. Representative for the 42nd Congressional District

Lauren Knausenberger_edited.png
Lauren Knausenberger


Chief Innovation Officer

Vishal Admin_edited.png
Vishal Amin

Microsoft Federal Defense

General Manager of Security Solutions

Trent Overhue.png
Trent Overhue

Silicon Heartland Holdings


Richard Jackson_edited.png
Richard Jackson

Oklahoma Attorney General's Office

Deputy Attorney General for Cybersecurity, Technology, and Digital Assets

Maj Gen Cameron Holt_edited.png
Maj Gen Cameron Holt, USAF, Ret.

Holt Consulting Group LLC

President & Founder

David Rothzeid_edited.png
David Rothzeid

Shield Capital

Vice President

Samuel Visner_edited.png
Samuel Visner

The Aerospace Corporation

Technical Fellow

Tonya Wilkerson_edited.png
Tonya Wilkerson

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Deputy Director

Pete Modigliani_edited.png
Pete Modigliani

Beacon Global Strategies LLC

Vice President

Damon Feltman_edited.png
Damon Feltman

Space Development Agency

Chief of Transport Layer

Benjamin Reed_edited.png
Benjamin Reed

Quantum Space

Co-Founder & CTO

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